Dallas Restaurant & Bar (Birthday Celebration)

So.. the time of the year had come again for me to stress over how to celebrate W’s birthday in the best (but economical) way possible.

Birthdays may not mean much as a date in the calendar, but what it signifies is a day of time spent with your loved ones. I admit that I do take up excessive amounts of time planning for such a day, but I blame it on my indecisive and perfectionist self in being unable to be more efficient in such planning. Nevertheless…

On the actual day of W’s birthday, we both had classes till the afternoon so the plan had to be from then till night. At about 5pm, we headed to Dallas Restaurant & Bar, a rooftop restaurant at the new wing of Suntec City for an early birthday dinner.

There are several reasons why I picked Dallas for his birthday meal. Primarily because it had a great location near school thus we didn’t have to travel around too much. The next most important reason is its stunning interior from the reviews I’ve read. It exudes the charm of a fine dining restaurant, while not setting back your cash by too much – and that was the catch for me.

Indeed, we were awed by the formal setting when we stepped into the restaurant- brightly lit by the glass windows housing the restaurant. We were brought to a window seat where we overlooked the city area.

Dallas offers an a-la-carte menu as well as set meals. Both W and I opted for the 2-course set meal, with us having the Pork Knuckle and the Curry Katsu Fried Chicken burger respectively. We could choose either the starter or dessert as part of our meal.


With our salad starter for sharing.


Our mains.

The last part of dinner was a pleasant surprise by the staff of Dallas who brought our dessert out.. with a candle lit specially for W. (I had let them know during the reservation that it’s W’s birthday) It was so thoughtful of them and it really topped everything in our dinner off nicely. And did I mention that the brownie was sooo delicious? Super moist and chocolatey and definitely a steal.


After dinner, we then proceeded to Chicago musical. I had bought tickets to surprise the boy…and he was indeed quite pleasantly shocked when he found out where we were heading to. This is our first time at a musical together and we enjoyed every bit of the Broadway production- from the music, the fine humour and well as the well-illustrated plot by the cast.



Really hope you enjoyed this one, W. Love you to bitsss. For now, its back to finishing up the rest of the semester..