Froth Cafe Review- BIG Hotel

Studying at SMU would mean that I have pretty much exhausted most, if not all the food places around the vicinity. But we’re lucky that relatively new establishments like Froth Cafe are around to offer our tastebuds a refreshing spin.. so (ironically) before school starts, we decided to head down to Froth to give it a try.

For those planning to hop by, Froth Cafe is located at the basement of BIG Hotel, a 10 minute walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT, just opposite Sunshine Plaza at Bencoolen Street- a cafe fairly accessible by foot.

As students with a budget, we are always on a hunt for a place that offers great value for the amount we fork out. I’m glad to say that Froth cafe offers just that- a cosy and dim-lighted ambience ideal for a lazy afternoon meal, plus a price tag that offers novel food at reasonable prices.

At Froth, we decided to give its lunch menu option a try, (at an affordable price of $9.90++), whereas the 2nd main was the Seafood Tom Yam Risotto that was much raved about on most food blogs.


Cosy and spacious interior of Froth Cafe


Seafood Tom Yam Risotto

This risotto was quite a mouthful! The east-west fusion is stark in this dish, every spoonful was evident in its aromatic spice, and the seafood fresh and well-cooked. The taste swings towards the heavy side, and can make for a hearty meal for one.


Cajun Chicken With Mash And Sauteed Vegetables

This was off the set lunch menu- a grilled chicken thigh with mash and vegetables served on the side. We reckon that the portion of this dish is worthy for its price. This was very savoury, and filling at the same time. I liked the sauce though, it did complement the mash well.

As part of Froth’s lunch set, you also have the option of topping up $3.00++ to $8.00++ for to complete your meal with either just a dessert or a soup and drink.

Pity that we had to give Froth’s Taro Waffles a miss…as both of us were feeling pretty stuffed after the 2 mains! Made our minds up that we’ll definitely be back soon for that though since it’s just 2 steps away from our school compounds.

Here are the cafe deets:

  • Address: 200 Middle Road, B1-02 BIG Hotel, Singapore 188980
  • Tel: 63361228
  • Opening hours: 1130am to 10pm daily (last order at 930pm)
  • Closed every first Monday of the month except if the Monday is a public holiday
  • Website:

More overdued cafe posts will be up soon! Do look out for them at this space 🙂





Hong Kong Musings.

Strangely, Hong Kong is one of those cities that constantly pulls me back to it. There is something about its streets, people, culture and way of life that forms up a place of retreat; an escapade from my regular lifestyle in Singapore for me. This time round, I’m back for the 5th time, but with different company.

For those who are looking for a short getaway from Singapore or to simply indulge in endless options of food and shopping, Hong Kong will be one of those places at the top of my list. During my 4 days and 3 nights trip, I felt the need to revisit and relook at some of the worthy places of interests, considering that the previous time I was here had been a good 3-4 years ago. Travelling in the winter would also mean that you get to enjoy the standard air-con temperature of 18-20 degrees celcius, a relatively comfortable weather to be in. If you are on a budget like us, it would be helpful to keep a lookout for deal packages which allows you to have certain flexibility while making sure that your air tickets and accommodation are taken care of.


Ready, Jet set, Go!!


This is a must try whoever comes to HK! – The Australia Dairy Company

Giving in to the trend-setting sensation of instagram, we headed down to ADC the very next day. The verdict? Me and my other half agreed unanimously that the brunch options were served heartily, the scrambled eggs one of the best I’ve tried- a deluxe mess of smooth and creamy goodness. Do try out their homemade milk pudding when you are there too! ADC did leave me craving for more of their food, if not for the lack of time we had in HK.


Not forgetting the tourist shots at the MTR signs you see around HK.


And then more food happens.


Taken shortly after our food coma the day we spent the afternoon at HK Disneyland. Food prices are highly exorbitant but we all have a lack of choice when at a theme park, right?


My clearly terrified face after surviving the grizzly gulge railway ride while he just… smirks on


Delicious pork cartilage noodles you can find at Tsui Wah Restaurant in HK.


Really adore Hong Kong for its multi-faceted streets. We stumbled across quirky shops along the roadside while roaming along the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui on our last day. This Hello Kitty themed shop carries these irresistibly decorated macarons!


Afternoon view from Victoria Harbour. Another good spot to take in the sounds and sights of HK.

A pity was that shopping wasn’t as productive as we’d have hoped for as it rained to our dismay on our 2nd day there. But nonetheless it was a good break well taken, and well needed. And not to forget, always a great respite I would never complain about going back to 🙂